Winter 2023 GOMSWG Meeting in March (TBD)

The winter 2023 GOMSWG Meeting will be held at the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife in Bangor, Maine. Informal discussion and presentations focus on regional population trends, research projects, and management issues. Contact with agenda items or for more information

Annual Meetings

The Gulf of Maine Seabird Working Group meets twice annually. We encourage anyone who is engaged in in seabird research, restoration, management, or protection in the Gulf of Maine to attend our meetings.

Summer GOMSWG meeting at Hog Island

The summer GOMSWG meeting is usually held in August at the Audubon Hog Island camp in Bremen, Maine. Seabird technicians share the most recent data collected from seabird colonies, including breeding population numbers and success rates, provisioning data, predator control, and other interesting highlights from the summer season. Afternoon presentations typically showcase graduate student research results.

The winter GOMSWG meeting is hosted by the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife at the Bangor Wildlife Office. This meeting is regularly attended by managers, biologists, and researchers. Discussions and presentations at the winter GOMSWG meeting focus on big picture issues, such as population trends, proposed changes to monitoring or management actions, and current and proposed research.